Dead Sky Publishing, along with its Death’s Head Press imprint, publishes work that is inherently dark across a spectrum of genres and formats. From non-fiction to memoirs, from comic books to novels, from art books and photography books to short story collections.



Jeremy Wagner spends most of his time writing books/stories during the day and squeezing in the occasional music day to write new music for his band, Broken Hope, or for his solo material.

Jeremy lives between Chicago and Miami Beach. No matter where he roams, Jeremy is always writing.

Jeremy’s passions include books, movie/films, food, wine, art, animal rescue, travel, guitars, collecting horror memorabilia, paleontology, great white sharks, history, WWII history (specific to the Eastern Front and Holocaust) donating to worthy causes, and jet-skiing whenever possible.

Jeremy lives with his wife Kym and their 2 dogs. He has 2 step kids fresh out of college.



Steve Wands is best known as a Harvey Award-nominated and Lammy Award-winning comic book Letterer. Steve brings nearly two decades of manufacturing, pre-press, craftsmanship, and professionalism to Dead Sky Publishing. He has worked on thousands of comic books and graphic novels with hundreds of creators across a myriad of publishers (DC Comics, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, TKO Studios, and others).

He’s also indie author of the Stay Dead series, Night of the Drunks and co-writer of Trail of Blood.

When not working, he spends time with his family in New Jersey.