Boinking Bizzaro Cover

Boinking Bizarro

From the demented minds of Bizarro authors Danger Slater and Brian Asman comes Boinking Bizarro, an anthology of weird literary parodies. You’ve never seen the classics quite like this. We’ve taken that old, musty canon and dressed it up in lace, leather, and lipstick. Wowza!

In Boinking Bizarro, a glory hole attendant seeks to give his wife the family she deserves, a time-traveling professor gives blind poet John Donne a hand, a slick serial killer gets the tables turned on that ass, a PI delves into the mysterious goings-on at a whorehouse, the forgotten erotic ouevre of Alfred Horsecock is explored, a trip to Mars puts a cloned super-soldier in a seminally sticky situation, and how did they film the infamous orgy scene in that Stephan Kink clown movie, anyway? Dystopian futures, disaffected slang-spewing youth, sexy tortures, and rapidly-growing pubic hair abound!

Plus, Pinnochio’s big dick energy. Which is like this whole thing in and of itself.

If you’ve ever wanted to lose your virginity to the acrid scent of your mother’s burning corpse, this is the anthology you’ve been waiting for! And if not, get fucked.

Brian Asman is the author of I’m Not Even Supposed to Be Here Today from Eraserhead Press, and Man, Fuck This House, Nunchuck City, Jailbroke from Mutated Media. He’s recently published short stories in the anthologies Breaking Bizarro, Welcome to the Splatter Club, and Lost Films, and edited the parody anthology Boinking Bizarro. He also writes comics for the anthology series Tales of Horrorgasm.

Based in San Diego, he has an MFA from UCR-Palm Desert and a Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers tattoo. He’s represented by Dunham Literary, Inc. Max Booth III is his hype man.

Stories by:
Brian Asman
Danger Slater
John Wayne Comunale
Autumn Christian
Gina Ranalli
Betty Rocksteady
Christine Morgan
John Skipp
Whit Slorp
Cody Goodfellow
Chad Stroup
Charles Austin Muir
Michael Allen Rose
Max Booth III
Lucan Mangum
Chandler Morrison
Amy Vaughn
Jessica McHugh

Publisher: Death’s Head Press
Publication date: 12/01/2020
Pages: 138
Language: English