1879: An unknown and timeless evil descends on East Texas. James Dee, bestowed with knowledge from beyond, moves through time and space, pursuing age-old horrors and ending their reign. As he seeks the hidden town of Dust to continue his lifework, another is hot on his heels, and will stop at nothing to rip the divine knowledge from Dee. As these opposing forces collide, Dee becomes both hero and villian in his quest against the Elders. He doesn’t have time to be sorry–THERE ARE GODS TO KILL

Lightning strikes the ground nearby and the loud crack of thunder follows instantaneously. Looking up into the dark angry sky I shout through the rain, “You want to kill me I’m right here!” -from Hiking the Appalachian Trail

That is Chris Miller, also known as Cleanshave, the travel author best known for the story of his 2011 Appalachian Trail thru hike covered in his book Hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Chris “Cleanshave” Miller has also bicycle toured the East Coast Greenway to raise money for Meals on Wheels, jumped off the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas, taken the Polar Bear Plunge in Newport, RI, hiked Vermont’s Long Trail from end to end and more recently cycled Adventure Cycling’s Southern Tier on a fixed gear bicycle.

If you like low budget travel and adventure then Chris “Cleanshave” Miller is an author to consider.

Read Lightweight on the Long Trail on your Kindle today and see for yourself.

ISBN-13: 978-1639510344
Publisher: Death’s Head Press
Publication date: June 11, 2020
Pages: 258
Language: English