Tapetum Lucidum Cover

Tapetum Lucidum

A band of friends unknowingly awaken something ancient and hungry, the glowing orbs descending from the trees are more than fireflies. A ravenous group of hunters is set free and are now moving closer and closer to the small town of Brush Mill. Halloween night will mark their arrival, and the townsfolk will have to fight to keep from being eaten alive. Can they survive what lurks in the darkness? Can you?

Michelle is from Arizona. She writes alongside her twin sister, Melissa Lason. They have been dubbed The Sisters of Slaughter. They write horror, science fiction and dark fantasy. Their work has been featured in anthologies such as FRESH MEAT by Sinister Grin Press, WISHFUL THINKING by fireside press, WIDOWMAKERS a benefit anthology of dark fiction. Their novel, MAYAN BLUE, was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award.

Publisher: Death’s Head Press
Publication date: 10/01/2019
Pages: 215
Language: English