Transcendental Mutilation

SIGILS INCISED, A COMMUNION WITH THE BLADE A trio of young people stranded on an uncharted island discover its sickening secrets. A man contracts a degenerative disease through a webcam encounter. An office worker follows the object of his affection into a mysterious club where life, death, and anatomy have no limits. A reforming necrophiliac struggles to maintain the illusion of normalcy in a new relationship. A woman awakens with other captives in the basement of a madman using them to attract impossible prey.

UNLOCK THE GATES OF FLESH, WORLDS WITHIN FLAYED A decade after the infamous Genital Grinder, Ryan Harding returns with ten more stories, collected for the first time–including the Splatterpunk Award-winning tales “The Seacretor” and “Angelbait”–which plunder the depths of depravity and obsession, yielding offenses and transformations of the flesh never before seen or carved. His first solo work in years dissects its themes and characters alike in a sublime autopsy worthy of the hardcore horror pantheon. Even the vomitorium has its philosophy, and the keys to revelation are all serrated.


Ryan Harding is the author of Genital Grinder, the novella The Profile in the Fucking Scumbags Burn in Hell series, and co-author of the collaborations The Night Stockers (with Kristopher Triana), Pandemonium (with Lucas Mangum), Reincarnage: Maximum Carnage and Reincursion (with Jason Taverner), Header 3 (with Edward Lee), and the Splatterpunk Award-nominated 1000 Severed Dicks (with Matt Shaw). He is a 4-time Splatterpunk Award winner (Best Novella: Header 3, Best Short Story: “The Seacretor” and “Angelbait”, and Best Novel: The Night Stockers).

ISBN-13: 9781639511198
Publisher: Death’s Head Press
Publication date: December 5, 2023
Pages: 263
Language: English
Dimensions: ‎ 5 x 8 inches