White Trash & Recycled Nightmares Cover

White Trash & Recycled Nightmares

A workaholic splits his time between home and hotel rooms until an anonymous cryptic message arrives, setting off a wrinkle in the time continuum and slowly shredding his sanity. Elsewhere, a woman’s jealousy over her spouse’s connection with their only child boils over, leading her to see monsters everywhere except the mirror. University fraternity brothers discover that a cruel prank has dire consequences but the full extent of their punishment is yet to come, while an intrepid hiker explores an abandoned Cold War facility hidden within a Massachusetts mountain only to realize that military secrets aren’t the only things buried within.

From witches, wendigos, and werecats to sirens, sadists, and serial killers, Rebecca Rowland serves readers a twenty-tale meal of cosmic, creature, and quiet horror in platters heaping with unsettling trepidation. In Rowland’s long-awaited follow-up to The Horrors Hiding in Plain Sight, a lighted room provides no safe haven, and in the darkest corner of the basement waits a ravenous dread. The most sinister objects of fear are never truly discarded… just repurposed.

Rebecca Rowland grew up in Western Massachusetts but spent her early adult life in the Boston area, and most of her fiction is set in those locations. She is the author of two fiction collections, one novel, and a handful of novellas, and her fiction and essays regularly appear in a variety of publications by progressive, independent presses. She sometimes reviews short fiction collections and anthologies for the website Ginger Nuts of Horror.

A member of the Horror Writers Association as well as the WhipCity Wordsmiths, Rebecca edited the dark fiction anthologies GENERATION X-ED, GHOSTS, GOBLINS, MURDER, AND MADNESS: TWENTY TALES OF HALLOWEEN, SHADOWY NATURES: STORIES OF PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR, and THE HALF THAT YOU SEE. Her anthology UNBURIED: A COLLECTION OF QUEER DARK FICTION became an Amazon best-seller on its first day of release and features short stories by sixteen established voices in genre fiction, including queer fiction icons Felice Picano, Greg Herren, and Daniel M. Jaffe. 100% proceeds of DANCING IN THE SHADOWS: A TRIBUTE TO ANNE RICE, benefit ARNO, the Animal Rescue New Orleans.

Having accrued graduate degrees in English, Education, and Information Science, she happily works as an educator and ghostwriter to pay the bills (while repeatedly cursing her student loan balance) but vacations as a horror editor and transgressive dark fiction author. Despite her infatuation with the ocean and unwavering distaste for icy weather, she has made a home in a chilly, land-locked city of New England.

ISBN-13: 9781639511204
ISBN10: 1639511202

Publisher: Dead Sky Publishing
Publication date: 10/10/2023
Pages: 320
Language: English