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Open Call: Cold Anthology (Title TBD) with Death’s Head Press



Open Call: Cold Anthology (Title TBD) with Death’s Head Press

Anticipated Release: January 2025

Death’s Head Press is putting together an anthology of cold/winter horror short stories.

Winter is a setting that lends itself to various horror tales, from survival tales to hauntings to slashers with buckets of blood in the snow. Humans long ago mastered survival in the cold, but what happens when one of the necessities (heat, shelter, food) is taken away? What if that lovely cabin in the woods comes with a helping of the supernatural or otherworldly? The stories can and should cover the wide spectrum of coldness. We aim to explore the what if of the cold.

The specifics:

  • Original stories not previously published.
  • Word count per story: 2,500 – 10,000 words
  • Deadline for submissions: March 31, 2024
  • Pay is $0.04 per word
  • Accepted parties will be notified by April 30, 2024
  • Submit stories to submissions@deadskypublishing.com
    • Subject line: Death’s Head Press Cold Anthology Submission (plus story title/author name)
    • Word Document formatted with 1” margins, 12pt font, and 1.5-double spacing
Cruel Angels Past Sundown


CRUEL ANGELS PAST SUNDOWN is now available in audiobook! Written by Bram Stoker Award-winning author Hailey Piper (A Light Most Hateful, Queen of Teeth) and narrated by Jenn Lee (Queen of Teeth, White Trash & Recycled Nightmares).

New Mexico Territory, 1882: She comes to the Klein ranch at sunset, a strange naked pregnant woman dragging a cavalry saber. Annette Klein and her husband have built peace between their marriage and secret relations beyond, but their serenity dies in bloodshed tonight through a cannibalistic demon and a mad preacher. Annette barely escapes the bloodbath to the nearby town of Low’s Bend, where she might find safety with a shotgun-toting barkeep, two no-nonsense boarding room ladies, and the gunslinging bounty hunter who’s captured Annette’s heart. But hell is at her heels. If she’s going to survive until dawn, she’ll have to forget everything she knows about peace and mercy, and face a hollow malevolence more ancient and ruthless than she’s ever imagined.

Cruel Angels Past Sundown audio cover

Written by Hailey Piper, Narrated by Jenn Lee, Cover by Justin T. Coons

Check out the trailer and give us a follow on TikTok!

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