Shadow of the Vulture

Shadow of the Vulture

As Americans move west towards their manifest destiny, they disrupt lives, steal, and murder. What happens when that brutality clashes with witchcraft and the supernatural in the small town of Soledad?

A powerful witch goes to the extreme to protect the land. A young woman weaves protective spells into clothing, but what she wants to do more than anything, is soar with the vultures. An ex-soldier accompanied by her dead friend looks for another battle to fight and will do anything to make the American invaders pay in the bloodiest ways possible. When they come together, Texas will never be the same. Power clashes between witches, warriors, brutes and innocents, and over it all hovers the shadow of the vulture.

Regina Garza Mitchell grew up on the border of Texas and Mexico and now lives in the Midwest. She has twice been a writer-in-residence at Golden Apple Art Studio. She has published around 20 short stories in places like In Laymon’s Terms, Space and Time, and Campfire Macabre.

Publisher: Death’s Head Press
Publication date: 03/20/2021
Pages: 110
Language: English