The Cadillac Man

Good does not exist. There is only the ever-swirling chaos of evil lurking just beyond the veil of our perception waiting to strike arbitrarily without purpose or reason. When evil throws its wiry tentacles out into our world leaving an inky black sludge of death, sadness, and destruction in their wake it’s done not out of maliciousness but at random with no forethought, no agenda. There is no prayer you can say, no spell to cast, no totem, no god benevolent or otherwise to provide protection from the denizens of evil who walk among us to carry out an agenda the same as they have for a thousand millennia.

The Cadillac Man is one of these denizens, an extension of evil, a collector of sorts. He picks up people and moves them around like pieces on a chessboard vampirically gaining strength through the deeds and situations into which they’ve been placed. There’s no bargaining, no favor to curry, no chance of altering your fate. When the long black Cadillac pulls up alongside all you can do is get in, but you won’t enjoy the ride.

John Wayne Comunale

Publisher: Death’s Head Press
Publication date: 11/18/2021
Pages: 417
Language: English