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The Case of the Bleeding Wall

Volume 1 (Collected Edition/Graphic Novel)
September 2023

“Champion Mojo Storyteller” Joe R. Lansdale (Hap & Leonard, Bubba Ho Tep) and his daughter, author / country singer Kasey Lansdale (Creepshow, Impossible Monsters), join forces with award-winning artist Daniele Serra (Hellraiser, The Crow) and colorist Tom Napolitano to bring you Dana and Jana– the new dynamic duo of supernatural– er supernormal sleuthing!

Tom Napolitano’s balloons and onomatopoeias have appeared in many comics since 2015 for publisher such as DC, Comixology Originals, Dark Horse, Dynamite, Humanoids, Valiant, and Image on titles like Batman: Last Knight on Earth, Wonder Woman Evolution, We Have Demons, Kaya, The Closet and so many more. He’s also appeared as a colorist for Tales of the Nightwatchman and back-up stories in Image’s Savage Dragon. Additionally, his illustrations and artwork have graced the pages of Ahoy Comics, Gravely Unusual Magazine and Dead Sky Publishing.

Kasey Lansdale is the author of several short stories & novellas from Harper Collins, Titan Books, & others. Her collection, TERROR IS OUR BUSINESS, co-written with her father, was lauded by Publisher’s Weekly as “storytelling that delightfully takes on a lighter and sharper edge.” Lansdale is the editor of assorted anthology collections and her collaboration, THE COMPANION was adapted for the 2019 TV remake of Shudder TV’s, CREEPSHOW. Lansdale’s voice can be heard on numerous audio and VO productions including Stan Lee’s REFLECTIONS, George R.R. Martin’s ACES ABROAD.

Daniele Serra is an Italian illustrator. Three-time winner of the British Fantasy Award as Best Artist (2012, 2017 & 2021) and finalist at the World Fantasy Award 2021, his work includes covers, internal illustrations and comic adaptations for such highly esteemed authors as Stephen King, Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Joe R. Lansdale and Joyce Carol Oates. His main influences and inspiration come from the world of weird and horror literature from H.P. Lovecraft and William H. Hodgson, Ridley Scott’s films, Japanese horror and the works of Clive Barker.

Joe R. Lansdale is the internationally bestselling author of more than fifty novels, including the popular, long-running Hap and Leonard series. Many of his cult classics have been adapted for television and film, most famously the films Bubba Ho-Tep and Cold in July and the Hap and Leonard series on Sundance TV and Netflix. Lansdale has written numerous screenplays and teleplays and has won the Edgar Award, ten Stoker Awards, and too many others to list. He has also been designated a World Horror Grandmaster. Lansdale and his wife Karen live in East Texas.

ISBN-13: 9781639511556
Publisher: Dead Sky Publishing
Publication date: September 2023
Language: English
Dimensions: ‎ 6.5 X 10.75 inches



The Intruder

The Intruder

March 26, 2024

Dark circumstances arrive in Peter Blauner’s New York Times bestselling blockbuster novel, The Intruder, with a foreword by the author exclusive to this new edition. 

What would a good man do to protect his family? How far will he go and how far is too far?

Jake Schiff is a successful New York lawyer trying to do right by his family. John Gates is a mentally disturbed man barely surviving on the streets. Their worlds collide violently when Jake’s wife Dana tries to help John as a psychiatric patient. John decides that Jake has somehow usurped the life that was meant for him. He begins showing up outside the Schiffs’ house and demanding his family back. Suddenly everything is called into question. Including the matter of who the real intruder is. The Intruder is a tale of two lives, two cities, and how fate can quickly turn and go from saving lives to completely destroying them. 

Praise for The Intruder

“Un-putdownable! My advice is to read this book.”

“The best novel I’ve read in years. It has great characters, a great story, a great heart. If you want comparisons, I can’t give you any. There aren’t any. I think Peter Blauner is better than Grisham, better than Patricia Cornwell. I loved The Intruder! Loved, loved, loved it.”

“An excellent book.”

“Gripping… convincing… richly imagined… A harrowing, compelling read.”

“More than a story about a man protecting his family. It’s about a man losing faith—in love, God, and humanity—and the possibility of regaining it.”

“Chilling…Will keep pulsing in readers’ minds long after the book is safely
back on the shelf.”

“Uncomplicated, irresistible melodrama.”
— KIRKUS REVIEWS, starred review

“A tour de force.”
— PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, starred review

“Brilliant…A virtuoso performance.”

“The Intruder might be the best novel about the paranoia of living in New York ever written…One of the best pure-New York novels in years.”

“Deft…nuanced…Blauner harnesses his astute take on the city to a solid
thriller…The Intruder possesses energy and a real zest for the city.”

“A knockout.”

About the Author

Peter Blauner is the author of nine novels, including Slow Motion Riot, winner of the 1992 Edgar award for best first novel from Mystery Writers of America, and The Intruder, a New York Times bestseller and a bestseller overseas. He began his career working for legendary newspaper columnist Pete Hamill and first broke into print as a journalist, writing cover stories for New York magazine about crime and politics. His novels have been published in twenty-five languages and his short fiction has been anthologized in Best American Mystery Stories and NPR’s Selected Shorts From Symphony Space. He has also been a television writer, serving as a co-executive producer on shows like Law & Order and Blue Bloods. His newest novel Picture In The Sand was published by Minotaur/St. Martins in January, 2023. It is his first work of historical fiction. It received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, which called it “historical fiction at its absolute best,” and has been praised by Stephen King, who said “On rare occasions, I read a book that reminds me why I fell in love with storytelling in the first place. This is such a book.” Peter lives with his wife, bestselling author Peg Tyre, in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Peter Blauner is the author of eight novels, including SLOW MOTION RIOT, winner of an Edgar Allan Poe award for best first novel from Mystery Writers of America, and THE INTRUDER, a New York Times bestseller. He began his career as a journalist for New York magazine in the 1980s – covering crime, politics, and other kinds of bad behavior – and segued into writing fiction in the 1990s. His short fiction has been anthologized in BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES and on NPR’s SELECTED SHORTS FROM SYMPHONY SPACE. In recent years, he has also written for several television shows, including Law & Order: SVU and the CBS series, Blue Bloods. His newest novel is SUNRISE HIGHWAY, published in September 2018, by Minotaur/St. Martin’s Press. He lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. with his wife, author Peg Tyre.

Publisher: Dead Sky Publishing
Publication date: March 26, 2024
Pages: 392
Language: English



American Narcissus

May 2024

The American dream is dead, and Los Angeles is burning. Hopeless and anesthetized, four lost souls contend with the darkest elements of the human experience in a desperate attempt to quench their thirst for meaning and connection in a world without a future. For Arden Coover, a spun-out acid junkie with the ink still drying on a useless philosophy degree from Berkeley, it’s in the potential salvation offered by a new relationship rife with promise but fraught with uncertainty. His fresh-out-of-high-school sister, Tess, is struggling to accept that her best option in life may lie in a convenient but loveless marriage to a rich, narcissistic novelist. Ryland Richter, an alcoholic insurance executive with too much money and too few scruples, seeks toxic solace in the arms of a dangerously unhinged subordinate. And Baxter Kent, a stoned surfer who’s addicted to AI pornography and afraid of women, tries to make things work with a prototypal sex robot that’s incapable of even the most rudimentary forms of communication. From the acclaimed and controversial author of Dead Inside and I.

Chandler Morrison is the author of seven previous books, including #thighgap and Dead Inside. His short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and literary journals. He lives in Los Angeles.

ISBN-13: 9781639511402
Publisher: Dead Sky Publishing
Publication date: May 2024
Pages: 280
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches




October 2024

It’s the hottest summer ever in Chicago history, and homicide detective Donnie Branson is trying to keep his cool as his personal life crumbles and he searches for an elusive killer who has slaughtered a homicide witness. Chicago Outfit boss, Tico “The Meatgrinder” Tortellio, has emerged from the safe cocoon of his mob world, craving to get his hands dirty. His grisly mission: to destroy the fiend who raped his comatose daughter in a local hospital. That fiend is Derek Hoffman, a steroid-abusing-sociopath whose body and mind have been grotesquely transformed after his participation in a clinical trial for an experimental ED-arousal-drug called, LIBIDONAL. Overdosing on the drug, Hoffman has become a raging beast, high on lust and blood. A pharmaceutically-created monster, he roams the steamy city, leaving unspeakable terror and carnage in his wake. Soon the race is on as both Branson and Tortellio hunt for Hoffman, each man bent on finding Hoffman first to deliver his own brand of justice. But who can take Hoffman down if they do find him?

Jeremy Wagner’s most recent novel, Rabid Heart, received a 2019 Ippy Award for Best Horror E-Book and also received 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Best Horror Novel and Best Overall Book Design. Rabid Heart was also nominated for a 2019 Splatterpunk Award for Best Horror Novel. Jeremy’s short story, Norwegian Woods—which appeared in the Big Book of Blasphemy anthology—was nominated for a 2020 Splatterpunk Award for Best Short Story.

ISBN-13: 9781639511327
Publisher: Dead Sky Publishing
Publication date: October 2024
Dimensions: ‎ 7 x 10 inches
Pages: 400



Splatter Western Tales Volume 1

Coming Soon

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The Girl, The Priest, The Devil

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The Order of the Circle

Coming Soon

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