Dead Sky Publishing, along with its Death’s Head Press imprint, publishes work that is inherently dark across a spectrum of genres and formats. From non-fiction to memoirs, from comic books to novels, from art books and photography books to short story collections.

American Narcissus

May 2024

The American dream is dead, and Los Angeles is burning. Stoned and porn-addicted surfer Baxter Kent is terrified of women and anxious to make things work with a sex robot. Acid junkie Arden Coover has a useless philosophy degree and a doomed relationship he believes might save him. His younger sister Tess is considering, or resisting, a convenient but loveless marriage to a wealthy, narcissistic novelist. Ryland Richter, an alcoholic insurance executive with too much money and too few scruples, is seeking toxic solace in the arms of a dangerously unhinged subordinate. As wildfires rage, this lost and hopeless cast makes their way through the embers of Los Angeles and beyond in a desperate search for meaning and connection in a world without a future. Chandler Morrison’s latest satire explores our search for love in all the wrong places, and what happens when we think we find it.

Chandler Morrison is the author of seven previous books, including #thighgap and Dead Inside. His short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and literary journals. He lives in Los Angeles.

ISBN-10: 1639511407
ISBN-13: 978-1639511402
Publisher: Dead Sky Publishing (May 2024)
Publication date: May 14, 2024
Pages: 280
Language: English
Dimensions: ‎ 6 x 9 inches



Here Comes The Sun

January 2024

There had been talk of monsters around the small, quiet town of Fort Whipple for some time before the evening of the brutal massacre. First it was the livestock. Dead, shriveled bodies lined the fields, drained of their blood. But when human bodies begin falling from the sky, a dark protector of sorts is dispatched to minimize the casualties.

Justin M. Woodward is an author from Dothan, Alabama. He lives in Headland, Alabama with his wife and two small boys. While primarily known for his horror works (Tamer AnimalsRotten Little Things) he has works spanning various genres. His work has been featured in Scream Magazine and his stories have appeared in books alongside authors such as Stephen King and Neil Gaiman. Justin also has a love for comedy, having co-written the hilarious Jerry’s Book Sucks: The Book, and works as a stand up comedian as well as hosts a comedy podcast called Dead Mom Club.

ISBN-13: 9781639511174
Publisher: Dead Sky Publishing (January 2024)
Publication date: January 2024
Pages: 142
Language: English
Dimensions:5 x 8 inches



Transcendental Mutilation

December 2023

SIGILS INCISED, A COMMUNION WITH THE BLADE A trio of young people stranded on an uncharted island discover its sickening secrets. A man contracts a degenerative disease through a webcam encounter. An office worker follows the object of his affection into a mysterious club where life, death, and anatomy have no limits. A reforming necrophiliac struggles to maintain the illusion of normalcy in a new relationship. A woman awakens with other captives in the basement of a madman using them to attract impossible prey. UNLOCK THE GATES OF FLESH, WORLDS WITHIN FLAYED A decade after the infamous Genital Grinder, Ryan Harding returns with ten more stories, collected for the first time—including the Splatterpunk Award-winning tales “The Seacretor” and “Angelbait”—which plunder the depths of depravity and obsession, yielding offenses and transformations of the flesh never before seen or carved. His first solo work in years dissects its themes and characters alike in a sublime autopsy worthy of the hardcore horror pantheon. Even the vomitorium has its philosophy, and the keys to revelation are all serrated. EVERY JOURNEY BEGINS WITH A SINGLE SLICE… TRANSCENDENTAL MUTILATION

Ryan Harding is the author of Genital Grinder, the novella The Profile in the Fucking Scumbags Burn in Hell series, and co-author of the collaborations The Night Stockers (with Kristopher Triana), Pandemonium (with Lucas Mangum), Reincarnage: Maximum Carnage and Reincursion (with Jason Taverner), Header 3 (with Edward Lee), and the Splatterpunk Award-nominated 1000 Severed Dicks (with Matt Shaw). He is a 4-time Splatterpunk Award winner (Best Novella: Header 3, Best Short Story: “The Seacretor” and “Angelbait”, and Best Novel: The Night Stockers).

ISBN-13: 978-1639511198
ISBN-10: 1639511199

Publisher: Death’s Head Press (December 5, 2023)
Publication date: 12/05/2023
Pages: 263
Language: English
Item Weight:1.11 pounds
Dimensions:5 x 0.5 x 8 inches



All of Your Dreams Will Come True When You’re Dead

October 2023

The culling took most of the men from Cochran Texas away to a dusty old town that exists between this plane and the next called Cocytus. Run by a maniacal power-hungry man named Lycus and his adopted protégé daughter Alastor, he conducts chaos with the help of a group of bandits called Calamity Three. His goal: tip the cosmic scales to bring the Void crashing into the world and claim the place of power to which he believes he is owed. Loyalty is a flimsy commodity in Cocytus, and with Behemoth rushing from the celestial abyss to heed a distant call this small Texas town nestled somewhere between here and hell has no idea what’s in store.

John Wayne Comunale lives in Houston Texas to prepare himself for the heat in Hell. He is the author of Death Pacts and Left-Hand Paths, Scummer, As Seen On T.V., Sinkhole, The Cycle and more. He hosts the weekly storytelling podcast John Wayne Lied to You, co-hosts the podcast Vital Social Issues ‘N Stuff with Kris and John Wayne with horror author Kristopher Triana, and fronts the punk rock disaster johnwayneisdead. He currently travels around the country giving truly unique and most excellent performances of the written word.

ISBN-13: 978-1639511150
ISBN-10: 1639511156

Publisher: Death’s Head Press (October 31, 2023)
Publication date: 10/31/2023
Pages: 186
Language: English
Item Weight:6.7 ounces
Dimensions:5 x 0.5 x 8 inches



For a Few More Souls Cover

For A Few Souls More

April 25, 2023

Six years have passed since Salem Covington, the Black Magpie, rode a vengeance trail against those who killed his mentor. Now another lies on her deathbed and she has a message for her former student: He will soon follow her into the next world. But for Salem, there is no opportunity to mourn. A chance encounter with a young outlaw, Amaya, reveals three truths: she is being hunted by strange riders that cannot be killed, they have stolen women, and they answer to a man named Granger Hyde. Left for dead once, Granger has returned to take vengeance for his suffering, and perform a ritual of murder. A ritual with which Salem is intimately familiar. A bloody game of cat and mouse begins as Granger’ s riders pursue the pair across the west, led by a woman that awakens long-forgotten fear, and is intent on driving the Black Magpie to his fate and the grave she has prepared for him.

FOR A FEW SOULS MORE is the sequel to the Splatterpunk Award-winning novel, THE MAGPIE COFFIN, the second part in a trilogy by Wile E. Young, author of SHADES OF THE BLACK STONE and DUST BOWL CHILDREN. It is an examination of bleak fatality, nihilistic violence, and the iron at the heart of men.

Wile E. Young is from Texas, where he grew up surrounded by stories of ghosts and monsters. During his writing career he has managed to both have a price put on his head and win the 2021 Splatterpunk Award for Best Novel. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in History, which provided no advantage or benefit during his years as an aviation specialist and I.T. guru. His longer works includes Catfish in the Cradle (2019), The Perfectly Fine House (2020), the Magpie Coffin (2020), Shades of the Black Stone (2022), Clickers Never Die (2022), and Dust Bowl Children (2022).

ISBN-13:‎ 978-1639511112
ISBN-10: 1639511113

Publisher: Death’s Head Press (April 25, 2023)
Publication date: 04/25/2023
Pages: 284
Language: English
Item Weight:10.2 ounces
Dimensions:5 x 0.6 x 8 inches



How the Skin Sheds Cover

How the Skin Sheds

May 30, 2023

When Garrett Walkinshaw pays a visit to his sister, he finds her murdered— throat sliced and nipples missing, his albino niece left emotionally scarred on her bed. Determined on getting revenge, the two set out after the killer, following a bloody trail of skin-lacking bodies.

After Garrett’s best friend— a recently freed slave— joins the road-trip hunt, they’ re forced to teach Garret’ s niece the dark world of survival and assassination in the gritty, wild west, where they’ re met with myriad of roadblocks in the form of evil lawmen, bizarro brothers, a swamp witch, and more.Hap & Leonard meets The Professional, chasing down Ed Gein.

Chad has written for Famous Monsters of Filmland, Rue Morgue, Cemetery Dance, and Scream magazine. He’s had dozens of short stories published, and some of his books include: OF FOSTER HOMES & FLIES, STIRRING THE SHEETS, SKULLFACE BOY, THE SAME DEEP WATER AS YOU, THE PALE WHITE, THE NEON OWL and OUT BEHIND THE BARN co-written with John Boden. Lutzke’s work has been praised by authors Jack Ketchum, Richard Chizmar, Joe R. Lansdale, Stephen Graham Jones, Tim Waggoner and his own mother.

He can be found lurking the internet at

ISBN-13: 9781639511136
ISBN10: 163951113X
Publisher: Death’s Head Press
Publication date: 05/30/2023
Pages: 114
Language: English
Item Weight: 1.11 pounds


Cruel Angels Past Sundown Cover

Cruel Angels Past Sundown

July 25, 2023

New Mexico Territory, 1882: She comes to the Klein ranch at sunset, a strange naked pregnant woman dragging a cavalry saber. Annette Klein and her husband have built peace between their marriage and secret relations beyond, but their serenity dies in bloodshed tonight through a cannibalistic demon and a mad preacher. Annette barely escapes the bloodbath to the nearby town of Low’ s Bend, where she might find safety with a shotgun-toting barkeep, two no-nonsense boarding room ladies, and the gunslinging bounty hunter who’ s captured Annette’ s heart. But hell is at her heels. If she’ s going to survive until dawn, she’ ll have to forget everything she knows about peace and mercy, and face a hollow malevolence more ancient and ruthless than she’ s ever imagined.

Hailey Piper is the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Queen of Teeth, No Gods for Drowning, The Worm and His Kings, Your Mind Is a Terrible Thing, Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy, Benny Rose, the Cannibal King, and The Possession of Natalie Glasgow.

She is an active member of the Horror Writers Association, with dozens of short stories appearing in Pseudopod, Vastarien, Daily Science Fiction, Cosmic Horror Monthly, Year’s Best Hardcore Horror, and other publications. She lives with her wife in Maryland, where their mad science experiments are secret. Find her on Twitter via @HaileyPiperSays or at

Publisher:Death’s Head Press (July 25, 2023)
Paperback:178 pages
Item Weight:1.11 pounds


Hot Iron and Cold Blood Cover

Hot Iron and Cold Blood

September 26, 2023

Desperados and yellow-bellies be warned: These ain’ t your typical westerns… Herein find legendary masters of anomalous Western and Horror stories— along with a posse of budding word-slingers— who all bring you an electrifying and frightening collection of extraordinary tales set in the Old West and beyond… Within these pages, the improbable is made real: cowboys encounter a chimeric critter of the night; dinosaurs return as massive poltergeists; Chinese railroad workers are haunted by invisible frights; outlaws experience Cronenbergian body-horror; fallen-light stalks mother and daughter upon a wintry prairie; a headless horseman roams the badlands; otherworldly creatures hunt within our domain; screaming spectral birds nest within the damned; and gunslinging women with murderous skills annihilate foolish notions of a man’ s world.

These are just a handful of the offerings in this body of macabre lore. So, mount your saddle-horse and join this gang of rogue authors for a ride down dark trails of terror and unsettling thoroughfares that lead deep into strange, nightmarish territory.

Kenzie Jennings is an English professor residing in the sweltering tourist pocket of central Florida. She is the author of the Splatterpunk Award nominated books Reception and Red Station (Death’ s Head Press). Her short horror fiction has appeared in The Avarice, Baker’ s Dozen, Slash-Her: An Anthology of Women In Horror, Slice Girls, Worst Laid Plans: An Anthology of Vacation Horror, & Dig Two Graves, Vol. 1. Twitter: @kenzieblyjay Jill Girardi is the award-nominated, internationally best-selling author of Hantu Macabre. A film based on the book with the same title is currently in the works (directed by Aaron Cowan, a senior member of the visual effects team that won four Oscars for Avatar and Lord of the Rings.) Jill is also the founder of Kandisha Press, an independent publishing company dedicated to promoting women horror authors around the world. She is currently working on Hantu Macabre 2, a short story collection, and a novella titled “ Mangrove Jack.” Drew Huff is the author of Free Burn, coming out on March 2024. Born and raised in eastern Washington, she enjoys writing stories that explore the intricacies of trauma, body horror, and fear. Her short fiction, “ Word of Nellie,” is the closing story in Darklit Press’ s “ The Sacrament” anthology. Another short story was included in Hungry Shadow Press’ s anthology, “ It Was All a Dream,” and another short story, “ Old World Birds” is being featured in Death’ s Head Press’ s anthology, “ Hot Iron and Cold Blood.” As a native of New Orleans, author and illustrator L.M. Labat weaves her artwork into horror, occult, and historical fiction stories. With accolades and origins stemming from biology, psychology, and fine art, she continues to fuse her collective knowledge and skills into her work. She debuted with her novel titled “ The Sanguinarian Id.” Visit her at Twitter: @LMLabat Rhonda Jackson Garcia, AKA RJ Joseph, is an award winning, Stoker Award™ nominated, Texas based academic and creative writer/professor whose writing regularly focuses on the intersections of gender and race in the horror and romance genres and popular culture. She has had works published in various applauded venues, including the 2020 Halloween issue of Southwest Review and The Streaming of Hill House: Essays on the Haunting Netflix Series. Her debut horror collection, Hell Hath No Sorrow like a Woman Haunted was released in August 2022 by The Seventh Terrace. Wile E. Young is from Texas, where he grew up surrounded by stories of ghosts and monsters. During his writing career he has managed to both have a price put on his head and win the 2021 Splatterpunk Award for Best Novel. He obtained his bachelor’ s degree in History, which provided no advantage or benefit during his years as an aviation specialist and I.T. guru. His longer works includes Catfish in the Cradle (2019), The Perfectly Fine House (2020), The Magpie Coffin (2020), Shades of the Black Stone (2022), Clickers Never Die (2022), and Dust Bowl Children (2022). Jeff Strand is the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of over 50 books, including Pressure, Clowns Vs. Spiders, and Twentieth Anniversary Screening. He has never participated in a railroad heist or been thrown out of the front window of a saloon, but he did visit Tombstone. Several of his books are in development as motion pictures…a slow and maddening process. He won the Splatterpunk Award twice and lost one other time, but the loss was to Jack Ketchum, so it’ s all good. He also lost the Bram Stoker Award to Peter Straub, Jonathan Maberry, and Stephen King (twice) before his eventual victory. Jesse Allen Champion is a native Texan and writer of frequent western-themed stories. From Texas to California, Jesse has worked at dude-ranching, theatre management, technical writing, and editing. As comfortable on a horse as a keyboard, Jesse’ s fiction remembers the Old West, with the tumbleweed going wherever it will and a man on horseback

Publisher:Death’s Head Press (September 26, 2023)
Paperback:290 pages
Item Weight:1.11 pounds



Snarl Cover


September 5, 2023

Marlin Stains is a lonely man who is filled with words. Words that he longs to share with the world but so far only shares with himself. He has over 300 notebooks brimming with them in his trailer room. A wood-paneled tomb of prose and syllable. Marlin Stains killed his brother in the womb, buried his father when he was a young man and now, a bit older, he watches the same monster devour his mother. While grappling with this, he experiences a combination of exchanges and events that point him on a new trajectory with an outcome that is both expected and anything but.

Marlin Stains has learned plenty in his thirty-two Love never dies, it just hides for a while and gets punchy. Death is never afraid and never gives a damn. Life is a thing that stretches, sometimes so far that you forget about it until it snaps back and hurts you. A snarl is an angry sound or a tangled trap, Marlin is familiar with both.

John Boden lives a stones throw from Three Mile Island with his wonderful wife and sons. A baker by day, he spends his off time writing, working on Shock Totem or watching M*A*S*H re-runs. He likes Diet Pepsi, cheeseburgers, heavy metal and sports ferocious sideburns. While his output as a writer is fairly sporadic, it has a bit of a reputation for being unique.

Publisher:Dead Sky Publishing (September 5, 2023)
Paperback:105 pages
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1639510856
Item Weight:1.11 pounds



White Trash & Recycled Nightmares Cover

White Trash & Recycled Nightmares

October 10, 2023

A workaholic splits his time between home and hotel rooms until an anonymous cryptic message arrives, setting off a wrinkle in the time continuum and slowly shredding his sanity. Elsewhere, a woman’s jealousy over her spouse’s connection with their only child boils over, leading her to see monsters everywhere except the mirror. University fraternity brothers discover that a cruel prank has dire consequences but the full extent of their punishment is yet to come, while an intrepid hiker explores an abandoned Cold War facility hidden within a Massachusetts mountain only to realize that military secrets aren’t the only things buried within.

From witches, wendigos, and werecats to sirens, sadists, and serial killers, Rebecca Rowland serves readers a twenty-tale meal of cosmic, creature, and quiet horror in platters heaping with unsettling trepidation. In Rowland’s long-awaited follow-up to The Horrors Hiding in Plain Sight, a lighted room provides no safe haven, and in the darkest corner of the basement waits a ravenous dread. The most sinister objects of fear are never truly discarded… just repurposed.

Rebecca Rowland grew up in Western Massachusetts but spent her early adult life in the Boston area, and most of her fiction is set in those locations. She is the author of two fiction collections, one novel, and a handful of novellas, and her fiction and essays regularly appear in a variety of publications by progressive, independent presses. She sometimes reviews short fiction collections and anthologies for the website Ginger Nuts of Horror.

A member of the Horror Writers Association as well as the WhipCity Wordsmiths, Rebecca edited the dark fiction anthologies GENERATION X-ED, GHOSTS, GOBLINS, MURDER, AND MADNESS: TWENTY TALES OF HALLOWEEN, SHADOWY NATURES: STORIES OF PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR, and THE HALF THAT YOU SEE. Her anthology UNBURIED: A COLLECTION OF QUEER DARK FICTION became an Amazon best-seller on its first day of release and features short stories by sixteen established voices in genre fiction, including queer fiction icons Felice Picano, Greg Herren, and Daniel M. Jaffe. 100% proceeds of DANCING IN THE SHADOWS: A TRIBUTE TO ANNE RICE, benefit ARNO, the Animal Rescue New Orleans.

Having accrued graduate degrees in English, Education, and Information Science, she happily works as an educator and ghostwriter to pay the bills (while repeatedly cursing her student loan balance) but vacations as a horror editor and transgressive dark fiction author. Despite her infatuation with the ocean and unwavering distaste for icy weather, she has made a home in a chilly, land-locked city of New England.

Publisher:Dead Sky Publishing (October 10, 2023)
Publication date:October 10, 2023
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The Left-Hand Path

September 20, 2023

Returning to their home world, a deep space crew investigates the ship that crashed there, killing everything. What they find inside it is a paradox: it seems to have no center. This is doom-laden space horror from Scott Bryan Wilson (Pennyworth, Trve Kvlt) and Ken Knudtsen (Wolverine). You’ ve been warned.

Scott Bryan Wilson is the writer of TRVE KVLT and KILL MORE (both IDW Originals) and THE LEFT-HAND PATH and THREE DAYS TO DEATH IS HERE (both Dead Sky), as well as Pennyworth, Batman Annual, and Batman: Gotham Nights (DC), Savage Tales, Elvira, and Altered Carbon: One Life One Death (Dynamite), Star Trek: Waypoint (IDW), Shadowman (Valiant), and many other comic books and short stories.

Publisher:Dead Sky Publishing
Publication date:September 20, 2023
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