#1 (Comic/One-shot)
August 2024

PERMADEATH is your one shot at two tales of terror written by Jonathan Chance (Cover the Dead With Lime)! Set aside the playing cards and the poker chips, in this retirement home “THE BIG GAME” is astral projection. The buy-in is high and could cost you your life! Art by Rafael Lanhellas (Evil Ernie, Elsewhere). Then, join artist Dell Barras (Conan the Barbarian, Spiderman) in “SCATTERSHOT,” where the lines between video games and righteous quests blur as life and limb are nothing compared to glorious victory!


PENCILLER & INKER Rafael Lanhellas, born in 1980 in the municipality of Viseu, northeast of Pará, is a Brazilian comic book artist. He is known for his skill as a comic artist and has been working internationally for 12 years, having done work for publishers such as Argo comics, Zenescope, Dynamite Entertainment, Top Secret Press, Valaverse and others. 

COLORIST Born in 1979, Damián L. Felitte lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he works as an illustrator, painter, colorist, graphic designer, writer, photographer, short film director and composer of experimental music.

LETTERER DC Hopkins is a professional comic book letterer and designer located in Indiana. He has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from Eisner-nominated independent projects, to major publishers such as BOOM! Studios, DC Comics, IDW, Image Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Heavy Metal Magazine, Vault Comics, Scout Comics, and more.


PENCILLER & INKER Dell Barras has amassed over 40 years of experience in the comic book industry, having worked with DC Comics, Marvel UK, Antarctic Press, and numerous independent publishers. Dell has also worked extensively as a storyboard artist for Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Disney, Fox Family, Marvel Films, Cartoon Network, Hanna Barbara, and 20th Century Fox.

COLORIST Omar Estévez is a Mexican illustrator and comic artist. As a comic book artist, he has published short stories in Heavy Metal Magazine (2015-2020). As a comic book colorist, for Image Comics, DC Comics, Opus/Incendium and several titles with Asylum Press among others. 

LETTERER AndWorld Design is a New Jersey based design company run by Deron Bennett, a well-known comic book letter artist, writer, and designer. Its wide variety of work includes DC Comics, Marvel, IDW, Boom! Studios, Lion forge Comics, Amazon Publishing and more.

WRITER & CREATOR Jonathan Chance is a southern-California based British-American award winning screenwriter, director and comic book writer. His comic book work includes acclaimed horror series Cover the Dead with Lime, The Boy Who Conquered a Mountain with Heavy Metal and various horror anthology stories for Antarctic Press, Unlikely Heroes Studios and Snowyworks. This year Jonathan was featured in an interview of the Eisner-Nominated Comic Book Creator Magazine by Two Morrows.

Publisher: Dead Sky Publishing
Publication date: August 21, 2024
Language: English