Strangers In the Night Cover

Strangers In the Night

Novice reporter Kate Murray is determined to make a career for herself covering crime for a New York City tabloid. But after she botches a big murder story – writing that the victim was a Harvard-bound undergraduate instead of a notorious crack dealer – her bosses give her six months to redeem herself. Kate scrutinizes the police activity reports on a Sunday morning, searching among the Saturday-night homicides for a victim the public will care about. She finds one. Margaret Severing, a hard-working nurse, is inexplicably shot to death in the lobby of her building in Bushwick, and Kate is determined to beat everyone – including the cops – to the story. Her investigation leads her to two men. Detective John Finn, who has just had a close scrape with death, decides that Kate is his last chance at love. Dominick Donatti, a brooding psychopath and the only witness to the nurse’s murder, sees Kate as his ticket out of the neighborhood. Kate is attracted to Finn and repelled by Dominick, but she knows both men can get her onto the front page. She begins a dangerous dance, protecting herself from increasingly obsessive and violent Dominick and trying not to lose her heart to Finn. By the time Kate Murray, John Finn, and Dominick Donatti meet in the same room, ambition must take a backseat to survival. And the shattering climax leaves none of them unchanged.

PEG TYRE was, until recently, a senior writer at Newsweek specializing in social trends and education. She has won numerous awards, including a Pulitzer Prize, a Clarion Award, and a National Education Writers Association Award. She lives in New York City with her husband, novelist Peter Blauner, and their two sons.

ISBN-13: 9780517172209
ISBN10: 0517172208

Publisher: Dead Sky Publishing
Publication date: 10/02/1996
Language: English