Reincarnage: Maximum Carnage Cover

Reincarnage: Maximum Carnage


Eleven people awaken in an abandoned motel. Transported from all over the United States, they have no memory of the journey and no idea where they are or why anyone would take them. Then they find the blood…and the heads mounted on stakes.


Thirty years ago in the town of Morgan, a Vietnam vet embarked on a killing spree that ultimately cost him his life. Then he resurrected to do it again. And again. And again. Morgan has since been evacuated by the government and enclosed by walls thirty feet high to contain the inhuman slayer known as Agent Orange.


Now confined to his hunting grounds, the abducted must survive the Kill Zone, where Agent Orange has traps and weapons stashed all around, an almost omniscient ability to stalk, and lifetimes to perfect the art of butchery with an endless canvas of human flesh. From Ryan Harding, Jason Taverner, and Death’s Head Press comes the debut of the most brutal slasher icon, with new bonus chapters, a much higher body count, and more gore than all the Friday the 13th movies combined. For him, death was just the beginning…

Ryan Harding is the three-time Splatterpunk Award-winning author of books like Genital Grinder and collaborations with Jason Taverner (Reincursion, Reincarnage), Kristopher Triana (The Night Stockers), Lucas Mangum (Pandemonium), and Edward Lee (Header 3). His short stories have appeared in the anthologies Brewtality, The Distended Table, The Big Book of Blasphemy, The New Flesh: A Literary Tribute to David Cronenberg, Splatterpunk Forever, Past Indiscretions, Masters of Horror, Into Painfreak, DOA 3, and The Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Vol. 3.

His work has also been published in German and Polish. Upcoming projects include the collection Transcendental Mutilation from Death’s Head Press, a novel with Bryan Smith, and a splatter western.

Publisher: Death’s Head Press
Publication date: 09/28/2021
Pages: 331
Language: English