THE LEFT-HAND PATH One-Shot in shops today

The Left-Hand Path one-shot available now!

Returning to their home world, a deep space crew investigates the ship that crashed there, killing everything. What they find inside it is a paradox: it seems to have no center. This is doom-laden space horror from Scott Bryan Wilson (Pennyworth, Trve Kvlt, Kill More) and Ken Knudtsen (Wolverine). You’ve been warned.


1,1770 years

1,000 kilometers traveled

all in one full-color comic book


The Left-Hand Path

The Left-Hand Path (One-shot) is available September 20, 2023 from your local comic shop. (Need a comic shop, use the comic shop locator.)  You can order it from your local comic, or an online comic shop, by issue or reserve the entire mini-series. Digital comics can be found at many online retailers including ComiXology, iBooks, and more coming.

Diamond ID Code: JUL231534

Scott Bryan Wilson has written many comics, including the Satanic fast-food crime series Trve Kvlt (IDW Originals), Pennyworth, Batman: Gotham Knights, Batman Annual, and others from DC Comics, Altered Carbon: One Life One Death, Elvira, and Savage Tales (all Dynamite), Star Trek: Waypoint (IDW), and Shadowman (Valiant), with other series and graphic novels forthcoming. His splatter western one-shot, Three Days to Death Is Here, with artist/co-creator Rob Gaughran, is also out from Dead Sky. Hit him up at, @scottbrwilson (Twitter)

Ken Knudtsen is a recently relocated New York–based artist (Wolverine) and the creator/writer/artist of My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer (SLG Publishing), who has also worked on animation for projects developed by Comedy Central, Robert Reich, and PBS. Feel free to discuss with him the awesomeness of Huey Lewis & the News, Fast Five, John Wick, The CRJ, and Aquaman at your earliest convenience at or @kenknudtsen.

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