A Splatter Western One-Shot: Three Days to Death Is Here out now!

A Splatter Western One-Shot: Three Days to Death Is Here out now!

A hated gunman named True Crime Goodnight walks the west killing everything in sight. His buddy, Jesus Christ Brown, is imprisoned by Tina the Trigger in a town called Death Is Here. There are three days and a hundred trigger-happy goons standing between True Crime and his friend. He has the will to kill and plenty of guns… but he’s almost out of the magic liquor that makes him bulletproof. Scott Bryan Wilson (Pennyworth, Trve Kvlt) writes and Rob Gaughran makes his violent, bombastic debut as they concoct an insane, bloody, drunken tale of Western mayhem.

Written by Scott Bryan Wilson
Illustrated by Rob Gaughran
Cover by Garry Brown

Use the DIAMOND ID OCT231670 to order your copy today and reserve the series from your local comic book shop.

About the creators:

Scott Bryan Wilson: Scott Bryan Wilson has written many comics, including the Satanic fast-food crime series Trve Kvlt (IDW Originals), Pennyworth, Batman: Gotham Knights, Batman Annual, and others from DC Comics, Altered Carbon: One Life One Death, Elvira, and Savage Tales (all Dynamite), Star Trek: Waypoint (IDW), and Shadowman (Valiant), with other series and graphic novels forthcoming. His splatter western one-shot, Three Days to Death Is Here, with artist/co-creator Rob Gaughran, is also out from Dead Sky. Hit him up at scottbryanwilson.com, @scottbrwilson (Twitter), or @scottbryanwilson (Instagram).

Rob Gaughran: Rob was born and raised in Brooklyn NY and then moved when he was still a teen to the rural mountains of western Massachusetts where he lives as a family man and draws while not working his day-to-day as a firefighter.

As a child that grew up in the late ’80s, Rob had a healthy dose of bad action movies, slasher horror flicks, Saturday morning cartoons, and the comics craze of the ’90s. He watched Anime back when it was still a dirty little secret amongst American nerds.

These days he enjoys diving into his favorite subject of horror, reading dude-bro-lit, and watching old gritty violent Action flicks or low-brow comedy. Most of all, He enjoys time with his family doing family stuff.

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