A Splatter Western One-Shot: The Bone Tribe out now!

A Splatter Western One-Shot: The Bone Tribe out now!

From writer R.K. Latch (Phantom in the Pines, Mr. Dark & Scary, WINCHESTER COUNTY LEGENDS) artist Arjuna Susini (Mistry P.I., Shikari Force: Hunters, The Replacer) comes a savage new splatter western. After a deadly bank robbery in the summer of 1887, the Badlands Hellraisers ride fast and hard across the scorching Arizona desert. Pursued by an angry posse, the Hellraisers find sanctuary in an idyllic small town. As night falls, the town transforms, and these outlaws learn what it really means to raise hell.


The Bone Tribe cover

Written by R.K. Latch
Illustrated by Arjuna Susini
Cover by Garry Brown

Use the DIAMOND ID SEP231610 to order your copy today and reserve the series from your local comic book shop.

About the creators:

R.K. Latch is the author of novels, novellas, short stories and comics. Most of his dark and fantastical fiction centers around the fictional southern Winchester County, Mississippi. R.K. lives back in the woods with his wife and daughter.

Arjuna Susini was born in Livorno, Italy, in 1984. He graduated from the International School of Comics in Florence in 2008. In 2011, his first comic, Bullet Ballad, was published by BD Edizioni. Since then he’s worked on a growing number of titles for a myriad of publishers; Mistry P.I., Shikary Force: Hunters, Made Men, Leone, The Replacer, Heist or How to Steal a Planet, Blood of Sunset, Forever Forward, Lamentation, and as a concept artist for Mighty Box on the game Posthuman: Sanctuary. He’s a teacher of the “Scuola internationale di Comics” in Florence.


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